The Stories Behind the Photos

Kappacasein stall at Borough Market

A peek into the life of an urban cheese maker

It is unlikely to come as a surprise to those who have eaten it, but the substantially upholstered  toasted cheese sandwich, put together by the team at Kappacasein, has recently been selected by ‘Time Out’ as one of the top […]

Tall ship Pelican and the three masted barque Belem at first light on the morning of the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant

The Thames: A Tribute to London’s River

Its familiar curves and loops were outlined on the stadium floor in the London 2012 opening ceremony. James Bond, accompanied by Her Majesty, flew a helicopter through one of its iconic bridges. Oligarchs and the fabulously wealthy used it to slip into the city in their super yachts. This Summer, Londoners have seen their timeless river like never before…

John Leach potter's wheel

The Potter’s Craft

Sometimes, perhaps rarer than that, I meet a person through photography whose qualities match exactly the trade or calling to which they have dedicated their life. They were quite simply born to do what they do, destined to follow their […]

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“Think and Compose Like a Painter” on Digital Photography School

Many years ago I met a well known English artist while I was travelling through Northern India. We happened to be staying at the same hotel, one of those rather agreeable converted palaces. Each day he went out with his watercolours, easel, portable chair and sizable sketch books, as he used to say, ‘to seek inspiration and watch the world go by…’

A simple device of using a finished picture hanging in the background to offset the foreground detail of the artist at work.

Photography in Action 2011

‘Art in Action’ is a celebration of craftsmanship: a one stop show case for demonstrable artistic endeavour. It provides a rare opportunity to observe painters, woodcarvers, weavers, potters, glass -blowers, jewellers, sculptors and a host of other artists, normally tucked away in studios, openly displaying their creative skill in the grounds and gardens of an appealing English country house…

he Fowler's Troop Musicians Follow the Deptford 'Jack in the Green'

A May Day Tradition

The first of the month, May Day, in England is often associated with parades and protest, country carnivals and Bank holidays and peculiar pagan ceremonies wrapped in obscure folklore and tradition…

London Olympic Stadium

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium

Though the dawning of the day is still a long way off, we have another summer and winter to get through first, it is nonetheless there in our consciousness, not fully formed maybe, but there just visible on the horizon […]

New Years Celebration at the London Eye

Night Light

January is invariably a month which provides us here in London with rather grey and gloomy rain soaked skies. It has again been commendable in its consistency. The short days, the flat light and the raw cold temperatures really don’t help the photographic process.

Nonetheless, there have been a couple of days, nights actually, that have been perfect, where a near cloudless sky provided just the right backdrop to two very different displays of light and colour…

Nick Fleming Behind the Lens

Visit to Shaeedi Bhag, Anandpur Sahib (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Portrait session with young sadhu during the Kumbh Mela in Hardwar (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Photographing in Varanasi (<a target="_blank" href="">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Nick Fleming and sadhu at dawn on the ghats at Varanasi (<a target="_blank" href="">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Photographing on the bathing ghats at Hardwar during the Kumbh Mela (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Photographing while on the Armanath Yatra, Kashmir (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Milan Bharti making a cup of tea, Varanasi (<a target="_blank" href="">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
On the path up to Gaumukh (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
Travelling with the flower man on Nageen Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)
In the mountains near Kedarnath (<a href="" target="_blank">Photo by Dalbir Singh</a>)